Suchonm Prompunya

3D, VR Technology

This project started from my love for the natural scenic view. When I go on a trip and see those beautiful view, I was really impressed. So, I wanted to somehow integrate these visual into my own virtual reality world.

The aim of this project is to mimic the feeling people get when they see beautiful scenery as well as taking the audience to the place where they can never visit in the real world, using virtual reality (VR) technology.

The visual scenery of this project is inspired by a novel called ‘Updraft’, because of its unique setting and beautiful scenery. The main visual would be the transportation which are hang glider and bridges, people in the city walking around and performing their daily routine and then bone tower itself. According to a deep research on the visual scenery of beautiful places around the world, the aspect of these visual elements can breakup into four main elements that every beautiful scene has in common, which are variety of sizes, natural resources, spacious, movements. These four elements are going to be heavily included in my work to replicate the feeling of a beautiful environment.

Suchonm Prompunya

CommDe Batch

Current Status

What was your BA thesis topic?
Realities, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

What did you do after graduating from CommDe?
Developed Horrors Game 'Land of smile' with team in VR Investors Project (

What are you doing now?
Accomplished VR Project ‘Goethe’s Garden House’ for Goethe-Institute’s Festival 2017. Developed Horrors Game with team in VR Inventors Project ( , mainly responsible for Characters Design, Story, and 3D Modeling)

What is your preferred focus in the future?
Explore New Technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) as a communication designer.

Three words that describe CommDe.

Contact info:
064 969 2959

Graduation Year: 2017

Suchonm Prompunya graduated from CommDe in 2017. He then works as a freelance designer and accomplished VR Project ‘Goethe’s Garden House’ for Goethe-Institute’s Festival 2017. Suchonm is now developing Horrors Game with his team in VR Inventors Project(, mainly responsible for Characters Design, Story, and 3D Modeling).