Nutthakit Liewpairat

Spectrography on thermal paper

As we shift towards the digitalization of our civilization, the common perception that our data is safe is not true. Even the keeping of data on a digital apparatus or cloud backup is dangerous. Hardware, film roll and file formats are becoming obsolete; components are becoming unreadable, incompatible and outdated.

We put valuable content on cheap magnetic strips, film rolls, or hard disks. But when a piece of hardware is damaged or when the software begins decays, it doesn’t degrade like painting, slowly and nostalgically. It will crash, becoming long gone.

Decayed explores possibilities to imitate and digitalize the deteriorating process of analog media. 8mm analog film is transformed into Spectrography imagery by using a computer script, and then processed with thermal receipt paper.

Nutthakit Liewpairat

CommDe Batch

Current Status

What was your BA thesis topic?
“On&Off”, series of interactive installation.

What did you do after graduating from CommDe?
Freelance Video Post-production, Freelance installation designer, and form a post-rock, shoe-gazer band call follows.

What are you doing now?
Study MFA Digital+Media at Rhode Island School of Design, USA

What is your preferred focus in the future?
Working in Digital Design Consultant field.

Three words that describe CommDe.

Contact info:

Graduation Year: 2013

Nutthakit is currently a graduate student in Digital + Media at Rhode Island school of Design. Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Passionate for solving problems and telling stories, through technology and design. Provided innovative concepts, visual and sound direction.