Kawisara Vacharaprucks

Type Design

Merlod has depicted its characters from Latin-American sign painting and reinterpreted the traditional stylings into a modern approache. This typeface is a friendly, fun and flexible family, consisting of 3 incredibly varying styles, each made up of seven weights. Each style of Merlod – Norme, Autre and Queue, possess a distinctive character. The 21-font family can look completely unrelated to the others when used in one setting, and blend in seamlessly with its clan in another. In the family you’ll find numerous alternates and helpful ligatures, alongside language support that covers Central and Eastern languages, Romanian, Turkish, Western European languages as well Baltic. With this many stylistic, OpenType and linguistic options, the Merlod family opens up a world of design possibilities and definitely a typesetting dream-come-true.

Kawisara Vacharaprucks

CommDe Batch

Current Status

What was your BA thesis topic?
Torn / ทอน, Type Design - experimental typography design project which explores the boundary of Thai letterform to find and emphasise on the distinctive part of each alphabet to establish how much form is required for character recognition and legibility of Thai alphabets, while challenging and slowing down the reading performance.

What did you do after graduating from CommDe?
After graduated from Commde, I have had the opportunity to do an internship in typography and type design at Cadson Demak before enrolled to the Master Degree in Contemporary Typographic Media at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London in 2015. Once completed the Master Degree, my dissertation has received a student award from Type Director's Club (TDC62). I have decided to come back to Thailand in the following year to pursue my career in Graphic Design by working as a Junior Graphic Designer at TNOP Design for a year and had left for a position as a type designer at Stawix Foundry in 2017 onwards.

What are you doing now?
Type designer at Stawix Foundry

What is your preferred focus in the future?
Continue doing Type Design

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Contact info:

Graduation Year: 2014

I am now working full-time as a type designer at Stawix Foundry.